Communicating your carbon saving

How do you communicate the carbon reduction benefit of an innovative new industrial product?  


This was the challenge faced by Belgian company MAZARO who have developed an innovative transmission technology that makes conventional and electric transport systems, as well as industrial drivelines, up to 20% more efficient and less polluting.

Having just finished road tests proving that their technology extends the driving range of an electric truck by 16.8% they were asked by a multinational client what the effect of the transmission would be on the large cooling fans they sell. The answer was an efficiency gain of 83% which for their 350 large cooling fans would amount to a yearly saving of 66,000 metric tons of CO2.

The image shows this volume next to the Empire State building in New York.  It has been used to grab attention in sales presentations and will be displayed on the company’s new website in coming weeks.

If you have an impressive carbon savings amount that you want to communicate to investors, clients or other stakeholders please get in touch.