Here are some of the climate related resources that governments, organisations and companies have commissioned from us. They make the cause of climate change visible because it is hard to act on a problem whose cause is invisible, especially if the cause is a gas, and it is measured in units of mass! We make carbon dioxide ‘real’ - translating rates of emission into physically meaningful units of time and space. All the material is available for sharing with others and showing in presentations under a Creative Commons Licence.  Feel free to download and do give us feedback on how they help.


In this section you will find a range of our projects highlighting global emissions and the sources of those emissions over the years.


Individual countries and cities have often shown leadership by monitoring and publishing their own emissions, or committing to reduction targets that at the time seem challenging. This section includes our first ‘high production’ CGI animation which shows New York City’s carbon footprint. The film went viral and has now been seen on YouTube over 380,000 times.


Society is becoming increasingly aware of the climate crisis. So smart organisations want to highlight low or zero-carbon activities, products and services. We can help make these stories ‘come alive’.


The biggest stores of carbon in the natural world are in forests, soils and oceans. Slowing the climate crisis will require a better understanding of natural carbon sequestration. These projects highlight some of the work we have done to help this communication challenge.