Can humour help the climate crisis?

The world is waking up to the climate crisis.  Children are protesting and Extinction Rebellion has gone global.  But many people are still unaware of the carbon emissions associated with everyday activities.  That’s why we have teamed up with innovative multi-media theatre company Forkbeard Fantasy to see if humour could help.

Each one of us is responsible for about 15kg of CO2 per Weevil per day. Placed in a sphere its volume would translate as this

The Carbon Weevils are a strange species obsessed with digging up and burning fossil fuels.  They were originally created in 2007 by innovative multi-media theatre company Forkbeard Fantasy for a theatre production about climate change.  

We have now decided to collaborate with Forkbeard to see if comedy could help people better understand the climate crisis.  By combining the comic element of the Carbon Weevils with scientifically accurate data visualisation we hope to motivate responsible actions.