Creating a digital campaign for UNEP

A Carbon Visuals Project

Carbon Visuals won the contract to provide resources for a digital campaign for UNEP who wanted to communicate and celebrate 30 years of international effort in protecting the ozone layer.  During 2015 we created a series of animations, visual images, print and online interactive communication tools to help communicate what the ozone layer is, where it is in the atmosphere and what has been achieved under the ozone protection regime.  

Ozone campaign meets climate change

A short animation that shows the global warming potential of ozone depleting substances and the 135 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent that the Vienna Convention has kept out of the atmosphere. The film also shows the huge potential climate damage that could be caused by increasing use of HFC gases as substitutes.  

‘The Precious Ozone - the climate connection film’ produced by Carbon Visuals powerfully showed the Montreal Protocol’s contribution to the protection of the ozone layer and the climate and underscored the need to build on this success for further climate benefits, thus enhancing the ability of a range of stakeholders to understand this need and support the ongoing work.
— Tina Birmpili, Executive Secretary, Ozone Secretariat, UNEP

Precious Ozone - the size of it

A short animation that gives viewers a sense of scale for how much air there is in the atmosphere and how much of it is ozone.

The Ozone Song

We commissioned a playful song from science composer David Haines which was performed by schoolchildren on World Ozone Day 2015 at the National Marine Aquarium at Plymouth. 

Ozone globe

We have created an interactive and self-running globe that displays current ozone distribution and also celebrates each country’s ratification of the Vienna Convention and implementation of the Montreal Protocol.

Click here to visit the interactive Ozone Globe.

2D Air map

This interactive 2D map of the atmosphere allows users to explore the distribution of ozone for themselves. Each white spot represents 10 billion billion billion molecules of ozone. It allows for questions to be raised, such as 'what effect does ozone have on atmospheric temperature?' or 'why does ozone sit where it does in the atmosphere?'. The buttons turn elements of the map on and off, and you can drag the map to explore vertically.

3D Air map

This 3D map of the ozone layer shows a 20 km x 20 km area of land (centered over the peak of Mount Everest) and all the air above it extending to an altitude of 100 km (the edge of space). Each floating particle represents 10 billion billion billion molecules of ozone. The region marked in orange indicates the ozone layer.

Synthesis report design

An additional part of the campaign package was the graphic design and layout of the 2014 Synthesis Report. Download the report here.

The report was VERY well received. We got a lot of compliments not only on the content but also on the layout and readability. Thanks a million for your excellent work.

Professor A.R. Ravishankara, Report Lead Author
Departments of Chemistry and Atmospheric Science
Colorado State University

Glass sculpture mementoes

We designed and supplied original sculptures depicting the ozone layer in the atmosphere for the chair, co-chair and hosts of the Meeting of the Parties 2-4th November in Dubai.

Photo credit: IISD

Photo credit: IISD


See more details of this work by clicking on images below.  UNEP web page here.