Simple images to bring data alive

Often a simple image set can get across a positive message better than any amount of words, helping people really see success, aspiration and change. This is particularly true in the case of stories of carbon reduction and carbon targets. Image sets like the one below can be used for internal communications campaigns, in annual reports, at corporate events and converted to GIFs for use on social media.

This simple image set illustrates the daily carbon emissions from energy use of a single car dealership as stacks of one pound spheres, and the saving made from the solar PV and LED lighting. 

Boulder Nissan is the largest volume dealer for the Nissan LEAF electric vehicles in the central part of the USA.  But the dealership is also determined to be 'green' in terms of its own building. So in 2016 the company installed 50kw of solar PV on the roof and fitted LED lighting inside and out in order to reduce its own carbon footprint. You can see the difference it makes!

Download our PDF on simple images here for further information and an introduction to pricing.