World Bank Award for our young film-makers

We’re delighted that two of our colleagues, who took on the tricky topic of carbon-pricing, have won a worldwide film-makers competition run by the World Bank.

left to right: Dani Tinez, Jay Carter-Coles

left to right: Dani Tinez, Jay Carter-Coles

Bristol-based Dani Tinez and Jay Carter-Coles put together a film that lasts just a minute, and confronts the viewer with the question: Pay now, or pay later for carbon emissions?

It rises to the challenge set by the Competition organisers, who included a special category in their larger climate information contest for films highlighting carbon pricing. It’s not the easiest subject to visualise, to say the least, and the shortlisted film – Your Choice - combines striking film footage with freely available material from Real World Visuals showing daily global carbon emissions. And it's a by-product of our commitment to encouraging wider adoption of our visualisations.

We have always wanted people to use and reuse our visuals to engage more people in important issues such as carbon pricing. This was a golden opportunity for Dani and Jay to present an animation about carbon emissions we made for World Business Council for Sustainable Development - in a new context.
— Antony Turner, Director of Real World Visuals

Dani has been involved with our team since 2015. He created a highly engaging animation to illustrate The Ozone Song. This film, part of our communications package for UNEP to commemorate the 30th anniversary of The Montreal Protocol, was seen globally by hundreds of thousands of people. He also worked on a set of short films that explain the Copernicus Climate Change and Atmosphere Monitoring Services that ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts) carries out on behalf of the European Commission.

Jay we met at Knowle West Media Centre (KWMC) in Bristol when we ran a workshop for their Creative Leadership programme Change Creators. The programme supports 18-25 year olds who want to make a positive change in the world “using the power of arts, media and technology”.

Working with Jay on Change Creators was a truly inspiring experience. His creative skills were instrumental to the development of his group’s social change campaign and it’s great to see his work, commitment and passion for environmental change recognised on an international stage.
— Mena Fombo, Young People’s Programme Manager

We saw the potential of these two young film makers working together, put Dani and Jay in touch, and the two hit it off. Winning the World Bank Award is a fitting recognition of their work, taking the top spot alongside a group of other talented international young film makers across the competition. 

See the World Bank Connect4Climate page here.

The Real World Visuals team with our young film-makers: (left to right) Adam Nieman, Jon Turney, Antony Turner, Dani Tinez, Jay Carter-Coles, Martha Hearn

The Real World Visuals team with our young film-makers: (left to right) Adam Nieman, Jon Turney, Antony Turner, Dani Tinez, Jay Carter-Coles, Martha Hearn