Emissions Real Time tool.png

Emissions in Real Time

It makes sense to use annual emissions as the core metric for carbon accounting - whether for individuals, businesses or countries.  But we believe that it makes more sense to show daily or real-time emissions if the purpose is to engage people who would otherwise be uninterested in the subject.  That's why we have created this tool that enables any annual carbon dioxide quantity to be shown as a real-time quantity.  

The screen shot here shows an example of how the tool will display data. You can try it yourself using the tool below. This is a literally your blank canvas to produce a real world visual!

How to use this tool:

Simply fill in the name of your project and an annual amount of carbon dioxide and the tool will show the emissions as a real-time stream of bubbles.  This visual can then be embedded in a web-page or shared by cutting and pasting the link.