Comparision Tool.png

Emissions Comparator

Sometimes you don't need to see emissions in real-time, but it is still useful to visualise rates of emissions. The Comparison Widget allows you to add up to two different emissions - simple quantities or rates. You can then see them together on a range of time scales (how much per second, per minute, per day or per year).

First select the material to visualise. The choice is carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide or water (we can't remember why CO is on the list - probably just a test material). In '# of masses' select 1 or 2. Add the size of the masses, and units. If it is a rate, include the time-period (e.g. per year). Press submit.

See the same quantity on different time periods with the time period buttons. The 'Scaling obj' button adds or removes a scaling object appropriate to the scale of the volumes.