Over the last five years Real World Visuals and our predecessor company Carbon Visuals have created a number of image sets and animations that show fossil fuel use and carbon emissions from human activities at all scales. These include animations showing the world’s emissions, the carbon absorbed by trees and the emissions of New York City - a film that went viral and has now been seen on YouTube over 370,000 times.

We have done, and continue to do, this work because we want to help everyone on the planet - politicians, business leaders and ordinary citizens - better understand the cause of climate change and global warming.

The point of showing emissions like this - in real-time and in familiar, human-experience-based units of time - is that it is difficult to act on an invisible problem and much easier if you can see it and have a personally meaningful sense of scale for it.

So we have gathered all the resources that governments, organisations and companies have commissioned from us and put them in this one place so you can easily download for sharing with others and showing in presentations. All the material is available under a Creative Commons Licence. Feel free to download and do give us feedback on how they help.