Real World Visuals is the successor to CarbonVisuals, who pioneered new ways of visualising carbon emissions. Our priority is still to help everyone better understand the causes of climate change, the greenhouse gases that remain invisible, normally registering as mere numbers that most people don't relate to.  

 Hunan activity added 107 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every day in 2012.  Each sphere is the actual volume of carbon dioxide gas.  Pile dimensions: 3.7 km high (2.3 miles) and 7.4 km across (4.6 miles).  An image from   The world’s fossil fuel use and emissions . .   

Hunan activity added 107 million tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere every day in 2012.  Each sphere is the actual volume of carbon dioxide gas.  Pile dimensions: 3.7 km high (2.3 miles) and 7.4 km across (4.6 miles).  An image from The world’s fossil fuel use and emissions..  

We are continuing to help non-specialists 'see' carbon emissions as well as using the same principles to enhance communication of other environmental challenges such as air pollution, ozone, waste disposal, water and resource use.  And we are keen to use these methods to communicate other data rich areas like deforestation, epidemiology, migration, economics and transport.


Our world is awash with data, and more and more images are available that attempt to articulate what all this data means. However, as data visualisation expands, how good are we at judging fitness for purpose?  At Real World Visuals we rethink design conventions to create images and animations to reach that special audience – those who don’t know they need to know.


 Our approach to data visualisation, developed over many projects, begins with two types of audiences. The “pull” audience are already interested. They have their own questions, understand the quantities depicted, are used to abstraction. For them, a pull visualisation will serve: They will pull the answers they want out of the data. 

That style is no use to the “push” audience. They don’t come to the data with questions. They often find it hard to grasp the reality of the numbers. Show them abstract graphics, and that’s probably all they’ll see. They need a push visualisation. They usually get a bad pull visualisation instead. They will understand much better with a concrete visualisation.

Download our 5-page brochure 'BRINGING DATA TO LIFE'. 


The core team of Real World Visuals has come from the award-winning data visualisation business Carbon Visuals.  Backed by a group of investors and supporters the team combines rigorous scientific methods, programming, environmental understanding and creative media skills.  On larger projects we are backed up by a growing group of great associates. For projects that include employee engagement or behaviour change we work with our not-for-profit partner The CarbonSense Foundation.


Adam, our Creative Director, is globally renowned for the innovative interactive visualisation techniques he has developed in his capacity as a graphic artist who specialises in scientific visualisation. 

He has a degree in physics and his PhD was in the visual culture of science.  Until 2003 he was an academic who lectured in cultural theory and science studies. He still contributes to debates on science in public though blogging and occasional conference papers.


Antony is CEO and leads on strategic development for the company. In 2003, after a successful career of launching innovative and disruptive technologies worldwide, he switched to helping people understand and make sense of climate change. 

He has lectured and presented around the world including atTEDx and his visual story-based approach has inspired from boardrooms to community events.  Antony is also founder of The CarbonSense Foundation.



Aaron became Account Manager for Real World Visuals in 2018. Aaron began his career in broadcast television followed by a successful teaching career specialising in integrating digital technologies into classroom practice. Aaron worked in strategic development roles within the education sector, managing complex IT projects and focusing on user centred design principles. 

As a digital technology expert and freelancer Aaron has worked as a Digital Project Manager and User Experience Researcher / Designer.  With a broad range of technical and creative skills Aaron is able to help creatives and technical folks work together effectively. HIs communication and presentations skills have been honed over a long teaching career, allowing him to lead and facilitate client discovery workshops, conduct user testing, and diagnose user needs quickly and effectively. 


Holly works part time as Marketing manager for Real World Visuals and is responsible for developing the promotional activity and creative presence of the company.

Holly has a background in arts and culture, project coordination, digital content writing and event facilitation.  In 2017 she completed an MRes in Culture at UWE, Bristol.


Jon, an ‘active investor’ in the company, is a science writer, editor and reviewer.  He has lectured widely and created and taught science communication courses in several universities. He has an enduring fascination with social research related to science and technology and in the way it informs the wider social conversation about science. More here.


Peter is a Director for the company, providing ‘sense checking’ and challenge to the team. He has spent twenty years advising organisations on strategies for sustainability, organisational development and engaging people in culture change.  Peter also manages The CarbonSense Foundation.


Dave is a highly experienced freelance creative with previous history on big brands, having co-founded a graphic design business - Epoch Design - which subsequently merged with Loewy Group in 2007. Dave provides art direction and co-production skills for complex animated and static infographic projects.  

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Duncan has many years of experience as a computer graphics artist, animation lead and director - he has been working in the industry since 2000..  He has an impressive CV across a range of broadcast television series and short form work produced at A Productions, Bristol.  His creative problem solving and sensitivity to the special requirements of data visualisation have been a huge asset in creating work for Carbon Visuals and Real World Visuals.

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Rosalind is one of the UK's leading Voiceover artists. She has voiced everything from documentaries for BBC Earth and Wildvision to Children's programmes for CBBC and Granada. She has been the voice of hundreds of brands and International advertising campaigns including: Classic FM, Unilever, Race for Life, Nivea & Sky Sports. Rosalind can be heard on Mark Foligno's latest film: Golden Years and has voiced many films for Carbon Visuals and Real World Visuals.



Carl is a freelance composer, sound designer and foley artist, as well as a performing musician based in Norwich.  He creates the sounds and music for all our films.